Believe it or not, a staggering 40% of the workforce now works remotely full-time. While that comes with challenges, it also creates time in people’s days that didn’t exist before. For example, all that time you don’t spend commuting is time you can theoretically spend on other things.

Of course, those who now find themselves underemployed or remain under stay-at-home orders also have extra time on their hands. That extra time in your life makes this the ideal moment for you to create a blog.

Available time isn’t the only or even the best reason for you to create a blog. Keep reading for ten more reasons you should take up blogging.

1. You Can Start for Free

It’s true. You can create a blog for free. Wondering how to create a blog for no money down?

The answer is simple: lets you start and run a blog through their website. While you face certain limitations on the site, it’s a way for you to start without committing precious financial resources.

For the tech-savvy, you can even find free hosting and domain names and install the WordPress software.

2. Establish Authority

Let’s say you’re an expert in something, but no one knows about it outside of some coworkers. That’s a lost opportunity for advancement or career transition.

A blog lets you demonstrate your authority over some kind of subject matter. It’s also something available to the public. Anyone can search for you and see that you know your stuff.

3. Exercise Your Creativity

Even if you don’t plan on using your blog for professional purposes, it’s still an opportunity for you to exercise your creativity.

Writing anything well demands some creativity. You can take it a step further, though.

You can post anything on your blog from short stories and novel chapters to embedded videos from your YouTube channel. Then, you can write commentary around the video or story in the same post or another post.

4. Build an Audience

You may aspire toward full-time blogging as a career goal, but blogging can help build an audience for your other endeavors. Let’s say that you write novels on the side. You can use your blog to do a lot of things that will support that side hustle, such as:

  • Discussing your genre
  • Reviewing books in your genre
  • Offering first looks at chapters
  • Offering free content

All of this helps sustain and build your audience.

5. Networking

Blogging done well can connect you with other people who share the same interests, career, or aspirations. This can help you network with potential peers or future bosses.

This is one reason why you should enable the comments section on your blog. It simplifies that connection process. People will often comment when they wouldn’t take the time to send you an email.

6. Helps You Establish New Routines

The Covid-19 pandemic caused mass upheaval in people’s personal and professional lives. In essence, it disrupted everyone’s routines. The human brain likes routines because they simplify a person’s life.

A good blog requires consistent delivery of new content. That means you must create routines for getting the writing done. If nothing else, it’ll make your brain happier and impose a little order on your life.

7. Gives You an Opportunity for Soft Marketing Research

Let’s say that you run a craft blog that supports your Etsy craft business. Most of the time you write about elements of crafting, such as materials and techniques. Sure, you post images of your own products as examples that link to your Etsy shop, but it’s not your main focus.

Every once in a while, though, you can put up a post that asks your readers about what kind of products you should make next. Since there is some overlap between your readers and buyers, the responses give you insight into what will likely sell.

8. Hone Some Technical Skills

Running an even moderately successful blog long-term will force you into honing your tech skills. At first, you’ll focus on things like web hosting and content management system installation. After a while, though, you’ll move into areas like:

  • Analytics
  • Photo editing
  • Search engine optimization
  • FTP applications

Depending on how serious you get about the whole thing, you might even end up with some HTML and CSS know-how. If you think you’ll want a custom WordPress theme you don’t pay for, start picking up PHP right now.

Since video will continue to dominate online, you may even end up with some video production skills. All of these things make you more marketable to a traditional employer.

9. Talk About Issues You Care About

A blog can serve as your own personal soapbox for issues of the day. If you care about local politics, write about local politics. If you care about global hunger, write about that.

Not only does this serve as a stress reducer for you, but it also allows you to educate others about the things that concern you.

10. Make Money

Blogging can create some money-making chances for you. For example, if you enjoy high traffic, you can make money from advertising or sponsorships. You can also use your blog to help you sell your own information products.

You may even get offers for speaking opportunities based on your blog.

For a deeper look into the money-making aspects of blogging, check out this post.

Having a blog allows you to reach billions of people all over the world. You’re able to tel your story, share your knowledge, and help others learn something new while making money with ad revenue.

Having a blog provides you with an outlet to tell your story. A blog can be personal, business, or related to a brand. You can make money with your blog through ad revenue, paid posts, sponsored campaigns, and affiliate marketing.

Yes, it is still worth starting a blog in 2020. While people will tell you that long-form content isn’t hot right now, it’s still a viable source for people looking for information. It’s most certainly worth it to create a blog if you have something valuable to share with the world.