From using a mail merge service to making sure your site is mobile-friendly, find out how to make your next campaign successful.

Digital marketing is a big business and can be crucial for your business’s success. Putting together mobile marketing campaigns that reach your target audience and convince them to buy your product or service includes copious research and plenty of marketing options. Some companies may profit from using a mail merge service, and others could be more profitable with Instagram marketing. Here are six tips that you should consider when designing your next campaign.

6 Tips for a Successful Mobile Marketing Campaign

1. Using a Mail Merge Service

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A mail merge service will allow you to quickly contact hundreds or even thousands of customers, clients, or subscribers, all with the click of a button. Companies will send emails to subscribers to give them exclusive coupons and deals, while others will send clients newsletters with business updates. Millions of people are using their email every day, so it can be a great way to get in front of them. It can be time-consuming to send these emails out yourself, so using a mail merge service will take this task off your plate. This service will also allow you to see who opens your emails, if your emails are landing in spam, and cold email insights.

1.    Create Mobile-Friendly Content

Not everything you design on your desktop will look appealing on mobile. You and your team should think about a way to create content that is both desktop and mobile-friendly so that it can accommodate all readers. Most mobile devices will show everything on a small screen, which means your text and photos could shrink. It can mean that your tabs, headers, or footers may not transfer over correctly on the mobile version as well.

Before getting started on your mobile marketing strategy, make sure your website is mobile-friendly. If you are directing mobile users to your website that isn’t suitable for mobile, you’ll lose all credibility, and it could become confusing for the viewer. There are free themes that can be used on desktop and mobile, you can add a plugin to your website to convert it into a mobile-friendly site, or you can hire a professional developer to ensure your site is readable and attractive.

2.    Utilize Social Media Advertising

Social media is the leading marketing channel that can be highly effective for small businesses. Creating a social media profile on popular platforms is entirely free and can be a less expensive way to market your company. On the other hand, paid advertising will allow you to reach more of your target audience. Did you know that 76% of American consumers have purchased something because a brand they love shared a post featuring the product? If you are a business owner with a younger demographic and looking to create brand awareness, social media ads are one of the best routes to take.

3.    Test Campaigns on the Phones Your Target Audience is Using

Look at your website’s analytics to find out how people view your content, then fit your website and email marketing strategy to these phones or tablets. For example, a large portion of your audience could be using Samsung phones instead of iPhones, which could have completely different dimensions. Instead of testing it on every single mobile device there is, you can use your website analytics to test it out on the most common devices. This will save you time and energy when you are working on a mobile marketing campaign.

4.    Focus on Local Marketing

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Local or hyperlocal targeting will allow you to reach your local target audience, which is incredible for small businesses. Using Google My Business will make sure your company’s details are published directly on Google. Those who search for something in your industry on the search engine can see your website, location, reviews, and more. Working keywords into your business listing and encouraging people to rate your business on Google can increase your rating and possibly feature your company in the featured widget.

1.    Leverage SMS Marketing

SMS, or short message service, marketing is an effective way to reach your customers directly. It will look exactly like a text message in your subscriber’s inbox and prompt them to follow you on social media, shop in your store, or take advantage of a special deal. “Show this text” messages are an excellent tactic to get customers into your business and to use the coupons you are sending them. It can increase word-of-mouth marketing because when a friend or family member is excited about a deal, they will let their circle of friends know to sign up as well.

If you are a business that is preparing and researching for your next mobile marketing campaign, there is a lot to consider. A mail merge service and SMS marketing can automate your marketing, while social media advertising can increase your brand awareness. It is essential to determine your company’s goal for this campaign to make sure you are utilizing the right tools for that goal.

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