Hiring a content writer is a fabulous way to invest in your 2019 blogging goals. Having a content writer for your blog on both a personal, business and professional blogger level helps to ensure that all of your content is ready to be reviewed, updated with images and scheduled to go live.

I’ve been blogging since 2008 and the scene has changed a ton in the last 10 years, this is partially why I’ve stopped pursuing the blogging campaigns as I did with my original brand (Happily Blended) and switched over to mostly providing content for brands and bloggers.

My prices are relatively low, but that doesn’t mean they’re lower in quality. I price my content based on what I’m comfortable offering, you see this is my passion and business. If I can survive and build up some savings, I’m happy, because my true mission and passion in life is to help others. This content writing job quite simply – makes me feel whole.

Okay, enough about how this makes me feel. Let’s chat about what I or any good content writer can do for you. There are many content writers out there on the internet with varying rates and skills to offer your business.

Today I’m featuring the top 5 reasons to hire a content writer for your business because it’s important to know that investing in a content writer is an important step in taking your business to the next level.

5 Reasons to Hire a Content Writer for Your Business

5 Reasons to Hire a Content Writer for your Business

These 5 reasons to hire a content writer for your business will truly help solidify your decision to hire a new team member for your content creation needs.

Outsourcing Saves Time

You can be in charge of your keywords and titles for new content if you want to be. A content writer, depending on what package you opt for can usually create their own content ideas based on a list of keywords you provide.

You may even provide your content writer with access to your keyword data in Webmaster Tools so that they can develop a content strategy for you {this usually costs a bit more}. Whatever you do to ensure your content writer is ready to provide high-quality, SEO friendly content is up to you, but the reality is you’ll save time outsourcing your content writing needs to a content writer.

Reaches More People

Chances are that your content writer may help push their content created for your business or blog out to their own social media channels. This will help broaden your audience reach, for the most part.

While most content writers work behind the scenes without getting credit for their work, I personally have some clients who enjoy tagging me for my work which then reaches a broader audience.

My audience isn’t a fit for everyone, but some content writers are happy to retweet or share your social media shares of the content they developed without taking credit for it, so as long as you’ve discussed how to handle this, your content writer could help in this area.

Increase Conversions

While no content writer can guarantee that you’ll get more affiliate earnings or sales of your product, they can guarantee to work their best to create quality SEO friendly content to help increase conversions.

When you hire a content writer to develop content based on the appropriate keywords for your website or blog, they’ll be able to help increase the time people stay on your site as well as click over to sales, affiliate links or other relevant content.

Increased conversions cannot be guaranteed, but you will reap the rewards of hiring a content writer who works to focus on SEO content.

More for Your Money

A content writer works to support their family and business on their content writing income. This means that you’ll always get more for your money, especially when you hire someone who has had some solid references to check.

I have worked mostly on word of mouth recommendations for the last 10 years, I’m just now trying to market myself a bit further. This is why you will always get more for your money, a content writer is passionate about their work and takes pride in having a solid online reputation to achieve maximum success in building their content writing business.

Your Site Looks Good

Let’s face it, most of you who’ve been blogging for years know that fresh content is what nails your ranking on search engines. Your site will continuously look good to those search engine robots as they index your site more frequently because you have a content writer developing content faster than you can do on your own.

Sometimes hiring more than one content writer is a fabulous way to get your site looking even better. This provides you with a team of content writers who can work to bring your dreams to life, which is ranking high in search engine results over and over again.