Blog ghostwriting is different from conventional copywriting because it must be informative, helpful, and persuasive. It should also be blog-like, as blog readers demand blog-like content. In essence, blog ghostwriters for hire need to know how to blog.

In the book industry, a ghostwriter is an author who writes a book under another person’s name and reputation. By extension, a blog ghostwriter for hire is a writer who writes blog posts for another blog.

Ghostwriters’ blog topics are usually related to the brand, focusing on brand benefits and features instead of descriptions. This type of ghostwriters for hire blog about the blog’s products or services, but not in a boring promotional manner that doesn’t interest readers.

They write content that is SEO-friendly so search engines can find blog posts and blog ghostwriters for hire blog posts will get indexed, ranked, and rated favorably.

In blog writing, blog ghostwriter’s blog posts should make people want to learn more about the brand, and blog ghostwriters for hire blog posts should increase search engine traffic.

Ghostwriting a blog is different from blogging because it requires professional writing skills. Blogs need to appeal to blog ghostwriters for hire blog readers, which means blog posts must be engaging and blog posts should be written in such a way that blog readers will want to read blog posts over and over again.

Expectations for Blog Ghostwriters for Hire

– Blogs should be of high quality with no grammatical errors or misspelled words, blog dead links, bad formatting, spelling mistakes, etc. Many blog ghostwriters for hire use The World’s Best Grammar Checker.

– Posts should have original content blog readers can blog about. Blog ghostwriters for hire blog posts should be blog-like and add blog value to the blog.

– Posts should be blog post friendly with titles, subtitles, bullet points or lists, bolded text, at least one image per blog post, etc.

– It is the ghostwriter’s responsibility to make sure that blogging looks like it comes from the same person or company.

– Blogs should be polished and edited by blog ghostwriters for hire before they’re scheduled to go live to the public on a client’s website.

– Competitors or controversies of any kind. Blog ghostwriters for hire should only write positively about the company they’re blogging for.

– Ghostwriters should never make references to illegal activities, illicit substances, etc. in a blog post because it puts the blogger at risk of being sued if their client is unaware of these references in a blog post they blog ghostwriters for hire blogged about and blog readers bring it to their blog’s attention.

Ghostwriters for hire should blog posts written in the first-person perspective as if the blog reader was talking directly to them.

– Be creative, blog ghostwriter posts should be informative, entertaining, and interesting blog readers want to share with their friends and family.

How to Hire a Blog Ghostwriter

Some blog ghostwriters for hire will not write about certain topics or provide assistance with anything that may include:

– Scandals, gossip, or embarrassing moments.

– vulgar or obscene language.

– mentions of politics.

Now that you know more about blog ghostwriters for hire, it’s time to find the perfect fit for your site! I’m obviously a ghostwriter who writes content for brands and bloggers.

I typically have prewritten content and PLR content ready in my Online Content Shop for bloggers to grab and use, but if you’re a blogger looking to hire someone who has been in this industry since 2008 and has a knack for writing in your voice, then you could check out my references before reaching out to hire me to write for your site.

There are other places to try out if you’re not quite ready to hire me as a blog ghostwriter, or if I don’t have any openings (as I am usually booked). Fiverr, Upwork, and Facebook Groups geared towards VA writers for hire will be excellent starting points if you want to hire someone who charges a bit less or is looking to build their portfolio as a new writer.