I keep hearing so many bloggers out there saying that they are lazy or short on time, so they use Chat GPT or other AI software to draft up their blog posts and just click publish right away. This is an okay method to use, after all, I’ve read that Google has some mixed advice on whether they will dock you for AI content or not. I get advice from SEO friends that say yes they will and no they won’t, so I say it’s up to you figure that out and trust who you go to for that info.

So yes, we know there are options to use and they are some pretty good options! We are glad you have them, but why not grab the 6 month plan for just $210 or the one-month subscription plan for $25.99 per month (that’s a deal at the moment from our regular $49.99 price) from Reeblog right here, right now?! We can save you so much more time than those AI software programs …

This means that you can get new content to grab every month from our team, ready to copy and paste to your blog site without using any prompts. No worry about loading up an AI software, telling it what to write, then telling it to write it better, or adjusting it to sound like a normal human with a grade 6 reading level or whatever other prompts you all give AI to make it sound closer to your voice … now you can just get in on our exclusive content plan and:

  • Browse our $0 content
  • Place what you want in your cart
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  • Paste the exclusive content directly to your website
  • Add some images
  • Add affiliate links if you want and a call to action
  • Publish or schedule for later

This is such an easy process, and guess what? Our founder has been a blogger since 2008, so she does her best to review all content from the writing team here (family-owned) to ensure it meets her standards before going into the exclusive content side of our site.

Of course, you can also pay $15 per month for our PLR non-exclusive plan on-site and while you have to rewrite that content or use it in a newsletter, it still saves you a boatload of time! That’s what we are here for, to save you TIME ….

So what are you waiting for? Why not give it a try, cancel anytime, and just use up the remainder of your plan credits before it expires? We do not give prorated refunds, but you can use the plan until the date of expiration of whatever plan term you paid for. Our refund & cancellation terms are here.

Click one of the buttons below to get in today … or just leave us a comment below with questions or anything else you think we should know about your blog, business goals, or what niches we should write more about in our content shop for customers to buy.