Are you searching for last minute tax write offs for bloggers? If so, I have a list of fabulous ideas for you! Today I’m featuring some of the best options that you can use to make money blogging in the New Year.

These end of year tax write offs for bloggers are products, services, or plugins that I’ve either used myself or have heard other bloggers raving about them!

This post may contain affiliate links which means we receive a small commission at no cost to you when you make a purchase. As an Amazon Associate, I may earn from qualifying purchases.

As you’ll see these email marketing must-haves, social media must-haves and other investment ideas I have to feature here can be purchased any time of the year.

I just wanted to make sure you had a good list of ideas on what you could potentially invest in now that the end of the year is looming overhead.

Perhaps you’ll find a new tool that could save you time. A new plugin that would help increase the money you make with a blog or some other idea that just resonates with you.

Use this list as your number one resource for things to invest in to make more money, save time, and enjoy blogging as a stream of revenue for years to come.

Disclosure: I’m not a tax professional. Please check with your local tax laws and accountant to learn if any of these last-minute purchases are eligible as a tax write off this year. 

Email Marketing Must-Haves

These are my two favorite email marketing must haves for bloggers to boost their email list in the New Year.


When I first started blogging back in 2008, Aweber was the program to have. This email marketing service allows you to easily create autoresponders for your email course, or just to keep in touch with your audience regularly.

Free Landing Page Builder with every AWeber Account!


This is a fabulous plugin built by WP Ninja, the same people who I bought my AzonPress Plugin through. It’s built to bring email marketing automation together with WordPress easily. Transform how you market with email automation this year!

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Social Media Sharing Must-Haves

Social media is a vital component of marketing for bloggers. These are my favorite two tools that I use or bloggy friends use!


I’ve used this service a lot over the years. Right now they have some amazing deals to get in on no-watermarked options. You can transform blog posts to video with ease using Lumen5 and the price for membership is rather affordable for any blogger looking to get into video creation this year!

Plan your video content creation strategy – Try it free!

Revive Social

Keep your old content alive by scheduling it to go out on social media. Revive Social helps you select your target audience, plan, and schedule content to grow your social media and blog audience. The perfect tool for any blogger who has quite a few old posts that need reviving.

Revive Old Posts

Affiliate Marketing Must-Haves

There’s so much cash to be made in affiliate marketing. I spent most of 2020 learning more about this, here are my top two must have affiliate marketing tools to boost revenue.


You can purchase one domain license or multiple domain licenses. Since I have multiple niche websites, I do have a higher license option. Pay one fee annually and watch as you create gift guides and link to products within blog posts with ease using this affiliate plugin. Click here to see my tutorial using this plugin.

Learn More

ShopHer Media

I haven’t used this affiliate program as often as I should, however, I’ve been an affiliate with ShopHer Media a long time. I suggest you sign up for this program, for free today! You can share pay per click links, coupons, and so much more! This is a must-have to boost affiliate revenue by sharing savings with your audience in the New Year.

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Home Office & Planning Must-Haves

If you have a private home office or a corner that you’ve made your own for work, then consider these two favorites to get your home office and business life organized.

Panda Planner

What’s a New Year without a new planner?! Grab your Panda Planner today so you can start writing down all your goals. The Panda Planner has a variety of options, including non-dated planners. Their mission is to help you be happier and more productive!

Shop Panda Planners

Desk Mail Organizer for Small File Folders

I use this handy dandy desk organizer to hold my manilla folders and my planner. This is a must-have for any home office desk space. I love being able to just grab the homeschool or work folder I need without shuffling through drawers.

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Shop for Mother's Day

Affiliate Marketing Sharing Must-Haves

Brandy’s Top Favorites for Bloggers Anytime of the Year

While these may not be write offs for the tax season, I feel they’re some must-haves to get your New Year started off on the right foot!

100 Humanity Quotes

Grab this set of 100 Humanity Quotes for Social Media today! Use these non-exclusive images on social media outlets and blog posts to boost engagement.

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A AZURELIFE Resistance Bands

Sitting at your desk for hours on end isn’t healthy for your mind and body. I invested in these to help keep my body active, even while stuck at home. Exercise can boost your creativity!

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Muse Illuminate

The Ultimate Personal-Development box for everyday people and entrepreneurs. This monthly subscription box is full of products and workbooks all geared towards self-empowerment.

Learn More & Order here

Self-Care PLR Content

This PLR blog post package is something I wrote to help provide bloggers with some email marketing content. While I haven’t used this package yet, I have used PLR content more in 2020 than ever before.

Click to Learn More & Buy

Now that you’ve reviewed all of the great options for end of year tax write off ideas for bloggers, I’m confident you’ll have a better idea of what tools to invest in for the upcoming New Year.

I wish you much happiness and success in the New Year. May all of your ventures provide wealth & fulfillment! Also, one list thing – Do not forget to follow your dreams!

FAQ’s for Blogger Tax Write Offs

These are the most frequently asked questions as it pertains to bloggers and tax write offs. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not a tax professional so it’s best to ask your accountant or check local tax laws in your region to determine if these answers are applicable to your unique business situation. 

Can bloggers write off vacations?

The IRS has specific requirements that dictate whether you’re blog is a hobby or business. Business expenses, such as a “vacation” must be considered ordinary and necessary as part of the functioning of your business to qualify as a write off in most situations.

How do taxes work for bloggers?

The best way to handle taxes as a blogger who makes a decent income each quarter is to pay in as you go. The United States tax system works on a “pay as you go” scenario. When you work for an employer as an employee, the taxes are taken out of each paycheck.

As a blogger, you’ll be in charge of paying estimated taxes. If you start to earn enough money that your children and other write offs won’t ensure you don’t have to pay in a ton of cash, then you’ll need to consider paying in estimated taxes on the IRS Government website.

Are write offs tax deductible?

A write off is an expense that you’ll list as part of your costs to run a business. Appropriate tax write offs will reduce the amount of taxable income you have at the end of the year.

It’s best to meet with your accountant or study the tax laws in your local region to know how write offs are handled, and how many write offs you should have annually to help offset income and run business smoothly.