I recently recorded a YouTube tutorial showing you how to use a free WordPress plugin to add code for a “give a monetary tip” button you can place at the bottom of your blog posts. This is a subtle way to get a little extra cash to help offset the costs of running an online business or blog.

Within this tutorial, I use Convertkit for my place to accept tips, and some of you have asked how to do that. So, today I will share my tutorial on how to add a tip button on blog posts using Convertkit.

First, you need to get yourself a Convertkit Account here.

As a little bonus here, you can see that my ConvertKit creator profile features a variety of links, newsletter broadcasts, a newsletter signup form, and other fabulous details on just one page. I love using this as my go-to link to share with people who want to know what I can do to help them!

Who am I?

I am a life coach and a ghostwriter for brands & bloggers, I have a walking goal-setting course, among other things and next year I plan to go even deeper into the life coaching arena by offering business coaching services to help writers expand their income! Get in on that today, by clicking this link to my creator profile selecting LINKS, and clicking the link I pointed to below:

Now that I got that out of the way, hello and welcome to the tutorial on how to create a tip button using ConvertKit. I hope that you have signed up for your Converkit account, and confirmed your email along with all of the other details that Convertkit has asked for.

This means, you are ready to start this tutorial on how to create a tip button to go at the bottom of your blog posts, as seen in the video tutorial at the bottom of this blog post.

Click on Menu Option Earn and then Tip Jars

The first step is to create the ability to accept tips within Convertkit. So, get inside of the earn, tip jars section of your account. This is where you should be …

Now, like I said, I already have a tip jar created, but let’s create a new one today. You will see a red button that says + New Tip Jar in the upper right-hand corner of the screen shown above.

Click on that button.

Now you will have to name your tip jar, and click to make the currency match your currency, then click next, and choose a domain name. I typically keep it whatever Convertkit assigns. You can do what you will with that domain name there in this next screen shown below:

Once done, it’s time to move forward to the next step. Click the Create Tip Jar button as shown above. You should then see a screen that looks something like this:

Here is where you will need to change the text into something legible and assign the headings and body text, background, and images. I will go through each step as I set them in the loom video below to make this process flow a bit better for you … watch it on YouTube with captions here.

Create a Tip Image in Canva

Now that you have the tip jar link created in Convertkit and saved, it’s time to create an image that you can use as part of this tutorial to put a clickable tip request button at the bottom of your WP blog post using a free WP plugin as shown in the video tutorial on my Brandy Ellen YouTube Channel.

You will need to have a free Canva account at Canva.com, I have a paid plan but do believe the free version is just fine for this part of my tutorial.

I found a leaderboard image size of 728×90 is best for my site. You can determine the size by trial and error or know what size you desire to have at the bottom of your blog post.

Here’s a screen capture to show you how my 728×90 banner looks on site:

Go into your Canva account, click create a design button, then click custom size, insert your custom size: 728 x 90 is mine as seen below:

Now you can click the Create New Design button, and you can proceed to design this using your own creative vision, brand colors, and so forth. OR you can do what I did, select a template and edit it:

The templates are on the left-hand side, and you can click each to see what they look like. Then you can edit the text or the image. One thing I did, was to insert the image I liked and then click the image, click the EDIT PHOTO button on the upper left that shows when you have selected the image (in this case, it is the loved, thankful, grateful, joyful, blessed image).

Click the BG remover, so that the image background is removed and it flows better with your banner tip button. Be sure to download the image in a PNG or JPG format, otherwise, your WP blog may not recognize the file.

Once you are done updating the text and image to your liking, it’s time to proceed with using the Convertkit tip jar and this FREE WP Plugin that I use to make your image clickable in each blog post with just a one-time setup.

Oh! Do not forget to upload your banner image into your WP Media area of your blog.

Now that you have completed the above steps, it is time to follow my video tutorial on how to add a tip button using a free WP plugin to your blog posts.

Do let me know in the comments below if you run into any issues. I check comments every 24 hours and reply publicly right here below in the comment section.

How to Add a Convertkit Tip Button to your Blog Posts