Now is the best time to start making money online! I have added another stream of revenue to my multiple streams of success, and now I want to share the information with you! I’m going to show you how to sell niche blog sites without stressing. All you need is a vision, some content, and confidence to make this a new income stream.

I’m so excited to finally launch my e-book that shares everything I have learned during the process of selling niche blogs. My story of blog flipping started many years ago before I knew people actually purchased blogs!

This new way to earn money started when someone that had worked with me for years handling some paid posts on my site emailed me to buy my Happily Blended blog.

The First Time I Sold a Blog was a Mom Blog type of site packed full of personal stories and information but included some positive lifestyle tips, too. I started this blog in 2008 and sold it in 2016. I ultimately sold that blog for around $8,500 before fees, taxes, and so forth.

I went ahead with the sale after negotiations. I removed all photos and videos of my children from the site and the new owner has been managing it ever since!

Here’s the thing … I didn’t just say “okay take my blog and accept the first offer”there are steps involved with selling a niche blog for money.

I cover each of these steps in my e-book ‘How To Start a Blog Flipping Business’ below.

The sale of was the start of something pretty awesome… I started thinking how do I make money flipping blogs? I knew people made money flipping houses, so why couldn’t I start another revenue stream by flipping blogs?!

Many years later I finally was in a position to purchase domains, build niche blogs, and write the content to flip some blog sites for extra revenue. As of April 2021, I have sold 4 niche blog sites in the last NINE MONTHS!! Each of the sites sold at various prices and not all were making revenue.

If you’re not fully convinced that you can sell a blog without it making any revenue, click on over to Flippa to see my previous niche blog sales:

Yes, I said it! You can sell a blog even if it’s not making revenue!

make money selling niche blogs
  • Can I list my blog on Flippa if it doesn’t make any money?
  • Where can I list my blog for sale?
  • How do I determine the price to sell my blog?
  • How to negotiate the best price and stay firm on the price.
  • How to handle the transfer of the niche blog after the sale.
  • And much more!!

Whether you’re looking to sell your blog to retire from the industry, start flipping niche blogs, or just curious what you can do to make extra money as an additional revenue stream; then this e-book is for YOU.

This is not for publishing on your site, redistribution, or copying in its entirety – you may promote the book if you’d like with a link back to this page. This is a published ebook written by and copyright 2021 – Brandy E Tanner.

Go ahead and click the button below to order your copy of my ‘How To Start a Blog Flipping Business’.

Please Note: this e-book is for someone who already knows how to build self-hosted WordPress blogs. If you don’t know, you can easily learn how to do this simple process of building self-hosted WordPress blogs with YouTube video tutorials

The checkout takes you through a secure process with PayPal for payment. You can click to use a credit card payment if you don’t have a PayPal account. Once your payment is complete, you will be redirected to the download page where you can easily grab your copy of my e-book and start making money with blog flipping ASAP. 

If you have any trouble with the purchase or download, please use my contact form to reach out and I’ll reply within 24 hours! 

I wish you much success in all that you aim to achieve this year forward.

Brandy Ellen

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