Amazon affiliates, also known as the Amazon Associates program, is a free-to-join program where bloggers and anyone else interested can partner with Amazon to sell products through advertisement and receive a portion of what buyers spend. Many website owners use this as a compliment to their normal content style or as an entire online store of their own. But once you’ve joined, how can you make the most of Amazon affiliates? Here are some ways of how I make money with Amazon affiliates aka how you can make the most from the Amazon associates program.

make money with Amazon Affiliates

Focus On Topics or Products

If you want to get the most possible purchases, focusing in your niche for your blog or specific articles can help greatly. Or you can just spend some time focusing on products related to your blog topics whenever you want to include affiliate links. You could for example write an article about best __ for low price points (i.e. kitchen gadgets, outdoor games, and so on). This gives readers multiple options at once.

Gift Guides or Buying Guides

Any time a holiday and buying season comes around, it’s your chance to make money through Amazon associates marketing! You can create themed gift or buying guides fairly quickly by researching some good options on Amazon and writing a little bit of content to surround it for better SEO. For example, Christmas is a great time of year for Amazon lists as well as holidays like Father’s Day or Easter.

Share Everywhere

For those of you out there that aren’t able to or don’t usually either include affiliate links on your website, or get enough traffic to really achieve sales; social media is another great option. You can always reference products you’ve purchased and like through affiliate links on social media posts to get some interest. Be sure to disclose that these are links you receive a commission from for transparency to your followers.

Work With Your Own Ventures

Anyone that already has income streams online probably finds themselves wondering what could be that useful about Amazon associates for their own use. If you’re already making money, why put in more effort? Well, you can tie the two together! Bloggers that sell or create their own products can affiliate link Amazon items that work good with their current offerings or will improve user experience.

Re-Check Links and Content

After having some affiliate content and links up, be sure to keep an eye on it! Check how your links are performing, make sure all links are hyperlinked properly, see how you can improve your content with search engine optimization techniques, or share your posts through other social media platforms to help with traffic. This is particularly useful if you have a lot of affiliate links but very little income from them.

Think Smarter, Not Harder

Chances are some of you out there just want to link everything and anything you can to try to get at least some clicks that will lead to a sale. But you want to do this intelligently for the best results. Stick to products that are of better quality, fit your niche and topic, are something you would actually use, or are already in your home for the highest chances of sales from associate links.

How Do I Start?

If you’re unsure how to get signed up for Amazon affiliates, go to Amazon to sign up and enter the needed information. Be sure to read through the rules so you don’t get removed from the program accidentally. And then, Amazon provides information on how to find products to link as well as scripts you could use for your links and affiliate programs. It’s so easy, and with these tips, it’ll be productive!

This is just some of the ways you can get started, but they’re definitely useful and can even be improved upon over time to make more and more income from Amazon associates. No matter whether you want to make this a hobby on the side for extra income or as a way to eventually rely entirely on your blogging for money, taking some concepts like these to work into your plan will help you reach your goals easily! Making money through Amazon affiliates will give you an excellent way to optimize your blog, try something new, and learn some great skills that can help you tons.