It’s the time of year to get cleaning. You go through your paperwork, sweep, clean the house, organize shelves, get rid of what you don’t use, and so much more when you’re spring cleaning your home. But what else should you do this with? Some of us do so with our phones. But if you own a blog, have you ever spring cleaned your website? You should! It can help you refocus for the year, get your blog better traffic, and so much more. Let’s talk about how you can try spring cleaning your blog.

spring cleaning

Scan Your Blog

Firstly, if you’re able to run a scan of your blog for what content has been visited recently, what links are working or not, and so on, do so. You want to have a baseline that tells you what you can improve on to be able to actually spring clean your website.

Write it Down

Note what your scan results are, but also note any of your goals you felt you missed over the past year and what you want to work on personally if you just think of what could be improved for your blog. Try thinking of new goals you could work towards and keep these notes to be able to work on them in the next steps.

Update Old Content

Now you want to get to the updating part, similar to how you may remove items you don’t use in your home or change how you set up your shelves and office space. Edit articles that aren’t getting traffic with more keywords or rework the topic and resubmit them for indexing. Or even add to your high-traffic articles!

Make New Ideas

Check on what parts of your blog are getting the most reads and clicks, and try to make new ideas that can stick to that similar idea so you can make the most of that traffic this coming year. You can rewrite the article in a new way in the future, write about other topics on the same idea, and so on.

Fix Links

Sometimes you’ll end up with links that don’t get to their destination or outdated links that end up being broken because you haven’t updated them in a while. Take some time to find those and figure out how to fix them. This will help your site place better on search engines as well as help prevent any issues from readers clicking those.

Update Images

Pinterest images and other photos on your site can be great tools for traffic, and updating them can help keep readers engaged and increase your audience’s social sharing and interest. You can simply try new fonts or completely make or input new images if you have the time.

Revamp Appearances

The easiest way you can add something new to your blog for spring cleaning is to revamp the aesthetic and appearance of your site. Maybe edit colors and fonts, or set up your pages a little bit. Or create a new banner that will draw in readers more! You can also update social media pages for your blog and so much more for appearance.

Ensure Widgets Work

All of the widgets you use can sometimes need updates, moving, or being transferred to new ones. Be sure your widgets are all working properly and up to date on the versions you use so that your readers will have the best experience possible while on your website, and your insights are still coming in from data widgets.

Get Rid of Unused Items

If you have widgets that aren’t being used, aren’t really contributing to your blog, or elements of your page setup that aren’t working out, get rid of them! Remove extra items you haven’t used or seen your audience using in a while, replace unused widgets with new ones, and make sure what you have is more used and workable.

Try some of these ideas on your website today, and you’ll be surprised by the results! Spring cleaning will help you stay focused on your goals, see how your content is performing, figure out new goals for the year, and so much more. Now with these ideas, your blog can also have the benefits your home has from spring cleaning time, which is great for individuals who make money from their online presence. Even hobby bloggers could benefit from this idea. Try spring cleaning your blog soon!