How do you juggle work and your kid’s being at home during the summer? Learning how to stick to a summer schedule when you work from home in the summer can be hard. I have some pointers to help you stay on track with incoming deadlines, and spending time with your children. Don’t allow anxiety to consume you, just create a schedule that allows you to juggle both and keep your sanity in check at the end of the day.

Depending on how many hours you work each day will depend on how you can break up the day. I have started my new summer break schedule using these tips. I hope they help inspire you to set a work at home summer schedule that suits your needs.

How To Stick To A Summer Schedule When You Work From Home This Summer

How To Stick To A Summer Schedule When You Work From Home This Summer

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Get Up Early

One thing I always prefer to do is get up an hour or two earlier and get most of the work done before the kids even wake up. That way when they wake up you have time to take a break, get breakfast served, and are able to head out for activities.  This can help you to not feel torn between working and kid time. NOTE: If you’re my Facebook Friend, you will know that I occasionally sleep in and there goes this whole “get up early” idea.

Schedule for Kids

When you can’t take time away from work have a schedule laid out for your children. Push them to have self-play time where they don’t need you to entertain them. Some activities your children can do on their own are; build with their blocks, do learning activities, reading, movie time, tablet time, outdoor playtime, etc. You can be sitting at the table watching your children as they play or watch a movie if you must get work done.  Be upfront with expectations, and your kids will learn to respect this boundary.

Outdoor Play Time

For younger kids, if you own a laptop you can take your laptop outdoors and work while you watch them play. I find this to be a great way for them to have fun and you get work done. Sometimes I even enjoy laying on my chair to get some sun while the older kids run around outside. It’s good for you all to get outside and enjoy work at home from the deck. I even work on my smartphone at times if I can’t log in to the laptop.

Extra Curricular Activities

Most towns offer extracurricular activities you can schedule for your child over the summer. Learning tennis, painting, crafts, music, dance, etc. You will probably have to pay an enrollment fee and commute them back and forth, but it is a great way to break up the summer with activities to keep them busy and free up some of your time. I know some work at home parents that send their kids off to a summer camp, I don’t personally do this, but I think it’s another great way to get work done during the summer season while letting the kids have a social life.

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Hire A Babysitter

If you just can’t sacrifice time, consider hiring someone. You can stay in your office or bedroom and work while your children enjoy having someone else tend to their needs. This is a great way for them to have playtime with someone knew and to keep tabs on them, while you mark off work on your to-do list.

How To Stick To A Summer Schedule When You Work From Home This Summer