As I sit here evaluating the entire year of earning revenue as an entrepreneur, I recall the 16+ years of ups and downs. I then realized that those downtimes, when revenue is slow, are hard. The entrepreneur path is pretty rough as you continue to mold what works for you, your clients, and others online.

I’ve had some ups and downs. I had a business started with an ex and walked away from that. I am grateful for those years of working on the business and using my community to help build that revenue. I learned a lot about human experiences, customer service (and how not everyone has a knack for it), and some huge life lessons about having a contract in place when working with someone.

Also, during that season of life, I learned a fun lesson or had something happen, I sold a blog! I built my first or maybe it wasn’t the “first blog” but it was my “first real blog” on self-hosted WordPress. The blog itself had been running long before this season with my ex, but the selling of it happened during our dating period. I was a blogger aka Mom Blogger before he and I connected.

How did selling my 1st blog happen? Welllll …

I had been doing paid posts aka sponsored content with a person/company for years, who came to me to ask if I was interested in selling my site.


People buy websites?

NOOOO way.

I got a pretty penny for that website, and if I recall, there’s a photo of me holding cash in hand from that sale that I then turned around to get a much-needed second-hand vehicle with. Maybe someday I will find that photo, who knows? But the point of the photo was that this was my first big deal sale online and I was shocked, but also, excited!

How cool is it that you built something that someone wants to buy? I mean from merchandise to books to WEBSITES? Yes, it’s all so surreal when you think about what people buy from you as you build your business online.

It’s a true blessing, honestly.

I am grateful that I learned about selling blogs back then, and while I didn’t focus on it as much because that season of life led me down a path that cost me my spirit, my joy, my everything that I thought I had, and well finally towards the end of 2023 I realized that … I am starting to feel inner peace again.

A balance inside of me, and perhaps it’s all that praying I’m doing and studying JOY in all of the different religions and spiritual guides as I figure out what my spiritual belief system is exactly. But, my friends, that’s a story for another day.

Today, I want to talk about the one thing that seems to have been 2% of my total revenue in 2023. That is … this little gem right here (not the ebook) but the actual revenue stream of …

Selling Blogs for Cash Money

I’ve now made thousands of dollars creating and flipping blog sites. I don’t have a rhyme or reason to what sells best and how many posts to have to sell at a certain price, although I believe I break down my thought process within my ebook.

I’m not here to give away all of the secrets, you should buy my Ebook Guide Here to Start a Blog Flipping Business of your Own so you can get all of your own data.

You see, my audience for blog flipping may not be the same as yours. So my ebook guides you on the story of what worked/works for me and how to kind of morph the entire process into your unique specialty to flip blogs all year long.

Brandy – Blog Flipper

One of the skills that you must hire out or master, is starting a self-hosted WordPress blog. I created a step-by-step tutorial that can go alongside my ebook. This tutorial uses SiteGround hosting to start a self-hosted WordPress blog.

Once you master that skill, and you have the talent of being a good writer? Well, the sky is the limit really. Keep building and writing, until you’ve come to the point that you’re read to list up your blog for sale.

There are many places to sell your blog, but my main one is Flippa. I disclose a few other options inside of my ebook, based on what has worked for other domain and website flippers that I know.

So, what does it mean to start a blog flipping business?

The term is closely related to house flippers. People who buy houses and fix them up just to turn around and sell them at a profit? Yes, that’s what I am talking about but as it pertains to websites. Not just any website, a blog!

  • I’ve sold e-commerce blogs that sell PLR content.
  • I’ve sold niche sites like camping, boating, blogging, and pets.

And in selling these blogs over the years, I’ve even come to be a ghostwriter for years for some of these clients who bought my blogs.

So it’s truly a fun time selling blogs, and becoming the writer for the sites I developed to sell.

I find a lot of joy in planning and writing on each of these blogs. I love making starter sites. So my sites sell for a bit lower than I sold my first blog way back in 2015 or 2016 era. I tend to do lower price points to help others get into this blogging environment with a starter site.

So, the key is to know what your end goal is, how big of a cash prize you want for selling these blogs, and what would bring you joy. If the excitement of building and flipping a blog that you built gets your blood pumping in a good way? Then by all means go ahead & buy my Blog Flipping eBook, follow my free tutorial here, and get started.

I cannot wait to see what you do with this blog flipping stuff in 2024. Much love and success to YOU.