Writing is something that you use in so many areas of your life, especially if you’re someone that runs a website, uses social media, or even just uses your email often. And you want to write things that aren’t plagiarizing other sources, have proper grammar, or are able to impress the person you’re writing for. But how can you do that when you may not always have the most knowledge on each topic? This is where services such as Grammarly come into play.

use grammarly

Let’s talk about what this platform is as well as 5 great reasons you should use Grammarly in your life.

What is Grammarly?

Grammarly is an easy-to-use platform that can check your writing for many different important factors from proper grammar and spelling to ensuring it isn’t plagiarism to making sure your sentences are optimized. You can use it on almost any browser, for any type of writing from social media blurbs to long essays, and extremely efficient.

Easily Integrated

The first and probably biggest reason why you should use Grammarly is its integration. This platform can give you suggestions from any browser or even from your phone. Grammarly has keyboard options for iOs and Android phones, browser extensions for any web browser, and integrated apps for Mac or Windows too. This means you can have its suggestions at any time and anywhere!

Not Just Grammar

As mentioned above, Grammarly isn’t just a platform to fix small grammar mistakes. If it was just that, so many people probably wouldn’t use it so frequently in life. You can also enhance your sentences with one click, check definitions of any words in your own writing or other’s writing, look up synonyms, fix spelling, and so much more. Grammarly can edit or check just about anything you would need.

Avoid Repetition

For writers that get paid to do their work or for those writing for school there are more than just the main elements of writing that have to be considered. You often have to avoid repetitive word usage, make sure your ideas are completely your own and aren’t plagiarized, and so on. Luckily, premium Grammarly owners can also enjoy help with these more difficult concepts just as easily as help with spelling corrections.

Learn New Things

When you use most grammar and writing corrective platforms, like the included ones in most writing options like Word, you gain some corrections but no details as to why that correction is needed or specific suggestions. But Grammarly will give you reasoning as to why it suggests something different as well as often multiple options you can choose from for editing. This helps you learn over time too!

See Your Improvement

Each week that you use Grammarly, you’re not only able to improve your writing but also see patterns in what you need to correct most often, how unique your writing style and word choice is each week, and much more. You can see yourself improve with the help of Grammarly each and every week, which is pretty cool and can help motivate you to keep writing and improving!

How Much Does Grammarly Cost?

Reasons to try this platform aside, how much does it cost to use Grammarly? You can use this platform for free. It will still give you some useful insights and functions for your writing, just not the most capabilities. Or you can purchase premium access which bills monthly, quarterly, or annually starting at around $12 to $26 a month.

Now that you know a little more, it’s quite an interesting platform isn’t it? Grammarly can be incredibly useful for all different types of workers, individuals, and writers in the world. There are more than just these 5 big reasons that may apply better to you reading right now, but this was more trying to discuss the wider areas of where Grammarly helps in making your writing for any topic a lot more improved. Chances are at least once you’ve tried to write an important email, essay, or article and found it doesn’t quite hit the mark. With Grammarly you can stop that occurrence in the future!